This page has pictures taken at our shop. They show the damage that happened from worn parts and /or lack of maintenance!

This is a picture of a Acura with 100,000 miles on the engine and the customer never had the Timing Belt replaced this cost three times as much to fix!


This Is a picture of a worn out clutch and a new clutch next to it!


This picture is what a worn Radiator looks like, it wasn't leaking but was causing the car to over heat!


This is a picture of the replacement of the fresh air filters in the air conditioning system these are normally replaced every 30,000 miles.
This is a critter house that is blocking the air flow to the engine.
This water pump is the result of no cooling system maintance.


Here are some pictures of leaky seals found doing a timing belt replacement on a Honda Accord.
This a picture of a new balance seal and special retainer for the seal we install on all these jobs.


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